10 Suggestions For Improving WoW: Mists of Pandaria

The “daily grind” of Mists of Pandaria feels like less of a grind than previous expansions. By varying the daily quests and providing a wide array of new types of content to choose from, Blizzard has done a great job keeping World of Warcraft fresh. Pet battles, scenarios, raid finder, and crop farming are welcome new additions to the game. MoP heroic dungeons are more forgiving than their Cataclysm counterparts, lessening the frustration of end-game gear progression. While I have no complaints at this time, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Here are 10 ideas which I think would help keep WoW interesting in MoP and future expansions.

Idea #1: PvP Battleground… In The Air!

So far, every PvP battleground has taken place on land. Why not take to the skies? This would take vehicle based PvP to the next level!

Idea #2: Multi-Passenger Mounts

Why limit flying and ground passenger mounts to just one passenger? How about a way for your 10-man raid team to travel to the raid in style? This would also function as a really big gold sink. Which brings me to the next idea…

Idea #3: Raise the Gold Cap

Once upon a time the gold cap was a little over 200,000 gold due to computing restrictions. It was later raised to 999,999. With many players reaching this cap, it seems like a no-brainer to raise the cap to at least ten million. There isn’t a gold cap in Diablo!

Idea #4: Upgradable or Replaceable Backpack

WoW has been out for eight years, yet we’re still running around with dinky little 16 slot backpacks. Blizzard ought to make this bag upgradable, or replaceable with any other bag. We’re long overdue!

Idea #5: Improved Auction House Interface

Using the World of Warcraft AH without any add-ons is lackluster. Many of the features included in auction add-ons would be sensible to include in the main interface: unit cost sorting, shopping lists, bulk listing tools, and more armor search features (perhaps similar to Diablo.) Having an option to enable better AH functionality would perhaps encourage more players to participate in their server’s in-game economy.

Idea #6. Increase The Quest Log

Finally, the daily quest cap has been removed in MoP! Sadly, we can still only hold 25 quests in the log. This isn’t a major inconvenience under most circumstances, but it would be handy to have larger quest capacity in the quest log. Perhaps 50?

Idea #7: Make It Stack

Make more items stackable, and allow bigger stacks. Guild vault and personal bank space come at a premium, and improved stacking would allow you to get more use out of existing bank space. Instead of having to devote an entire tab to cloth, leather, herbs, and ore, stacking them to 100 or 200 (instead of 20) could free up half of that space or more.

Idea #8: Personal Bank Tabs

Again, Blizzard hit the nail on the head with Diablo. Having a shared bank space between all of your toons on the same server would remove the need for incessantly having to mail items and log onto many different toons.

Idea #9: Daily Quests For More Professions

All the secondary professions have daily quests in some shape or form. Jewelcrafting has more than one daily quest. Why not have a daily crafting quest for Enchanting, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Inscription, and Alchemy? In Burning Crusade, there was a Shattered Sun Offensive gathering daily quest. Giving each profession its own daily quest, or even a shared gathering daily, would add a little more flavor to professions in World of Warcraft.

Idea #10: Improved Dungeon Finder Functionality

While the Dungeon Finder has improved WoW in so many ways, there are a few oddities about it. For instance, you can’t queue up for Wrath heroics at level 81. Cataclysm heroics can be queued for up at 85-87, and Burning Crusade heroics from 70-75, so this is strange. Allowing players to queue for additional levels isn’t a terrible thing. Also, a way to queue for classic raids with LFD would be a blast! Imagine being able to queue for Molten Core from level 60 to 69, and Karazhan from 70 to 79…


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