WoW Mists of Pandaria Crop Farming Tips at Sunsong Ranch

Halfhill crop farming in Mists of Pandaria has taken the addictive element of Farmville and incorporated it into a way to grow your own crafting materials. In addition to growing vegetables for farming, achieving higher reputation with the Tillers faction also allows you to plant special seeds that give you other crafting materials such as ore, herbs, cloth, enchanting dust and essence. Here are a few useful tips for making the most of your farm on Sunsong Ranch.

Expand Your Farming Space

You start out with a two by two plot at Sunsong Ranch. As your Tillers reputation grows, quests will become available that will unlock additional plots. Once your farm is fully expanded, it will have a total of sixteen planting spaces. In addition to growing extra crops, this will also help you earn more Tillers reputation. Every time you harvest a crop you gain rep with the Tillers.

Farming Daily Quest

Farmer Yoon will always have a daily quest to plant a specific crop. This is a quick and easy way to gain Tillers reputation and earn some gold in the process. Since you don’t have to leave Halfhill to complete this quest, doing it everyday is a no-brainer.

Get Your Alts Farming

You can unlock the first four plots on your farm as soon as level 85. By making the trek to Halfhill, you can park your alts and use them to farm additional crops. Once you level your alts to 90 and unlock their entire farms, you’ll have an easy way to make reliable gold day after day.

The Drunk Man Knows Best

Jogu the Drunk is a NPC that will give you the inside scoop on which crop will yield a bonus harvest – the “crop of the day.” The higher your reputation with Jogu, the less expensive this tip will be. Upon reaching best friend status, Jogu can join you on your farm and provide the crop of the day at no cost. The crop of the day is the same for everyone on your server, so if you’re just starting out you can always ask someone else for this information instead of paying Jogu 25 gold.

Know The Market

Since you have a choice of what seeds to plant – vegetables or crafting items – it’s worth familiarizing yourself with your server’s economy to judge what the most profitable items to farm will be. For example, if enchanting materials are skyrocketing in price, plant Magebulb seeds.

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